Idiot Proof out of Marissa’s Joy March 28, 2021 colt. Bred by Richard Tillema

Grazen out of Expertise, February 21, 2021 filly bred by Boone Family Trust

Gig Harbor-CHATI KAFRINE Filly 1/1/2021

Many Rivers-BEHEST Filly 1/6/2021

Gig Harbor-MY CARMELA Colt 1/12/2021

Bold Chieftain-ZIPPING MY WAY Colt 1/13/2021

Idiot Proof-PAM’S JOY Colt 1/16/2021

Idiot Proof-NO MORE TWINKIES Colt 1/16/2021

Many Rivers-BENCHMARK ROSE F Colt 1/17/2021
Jersey Town-Tryphena, colt, 4/4/20, bred by Kyle Kehner

Gig Harbor-She’s Cookin, filly, 4/3/20, bred by Francis O’Leary

Conquest Farenheight-She’s Memorable, colt, 3/2720, bred by Matthew Dohman

Nyquist-Marissa’s Joy, filly, 3/25/20, bred by Harold and Pamela Tillema

Many Rivers-Practising, colt, 3/23/20, bred by Rob Creighton

Bronze Star-Lady of Athens, filly, 3/22/20, bred by Julio Enciso

Gig Harbor-Dahlia Dearest, filly, 3/20/20, bred by Victory Rose Thoroughbreds

Many Rivers-Lady In Love, filly, 3/16/20, bred by Victory Rose Thoroughbreds

Idiot Proof-Sizzling Gold, colt, 3/15/20, bred by Victory Rose Thoroughbreds

Idiot Proof-Mood Route, filly, 3/12/20, bred by Jerry and Margaret Martin, with adopted Gig Harbor-Grey Lassie filly, 3/11/20.