Victory Rose Stallions’ “Plusvital Speed Gene Types” are Now Available

Lexington, KY (September 23, 2017)-As breeders, we often look to a pedigree page trying to infer what has been or what might be passed on from a particular stallion or mare. Here at Plusvital, we aim to empower breeders with tools that can determine exactly what can be passed on from these parents to their offspring, by looking under the hood of the pedigree page and into their DNA.

The Speed Gene Test is a genetic test that has been proven to be an extremely effective breeding tool, that can be used to help assist in mating decisions. The test ultimately predicts the optimum race distance, speed or stamina of a particular individual, however, by having mares and stallions tested, you can control the outcome of a particular mating.

Whether you are a commercial breeding operation that is looking to produce early, well-muscled, precocious looking horses or whether you have the dream of Kentucky Derby glory, using the Speed Gene Test you can breed your desired type more often.

Victory Rose Thoroughbreds are one of many stallion operations that have recently come on board with us here at Plusvital, having made the Speed Gene Type available for Bullet Train (Crestwood Farm KY), Pin Oak Stud stallions and Curlin To Mischief and Haynesfield (both at Rancho San Miguel CA). In doing so they are offering an opportunity for their breeders to control what is passed on from the parents to their progeny.

If you are looking to enquire about getting your mares tested or for further information, please contact Stephen Mulvany on 859.351.3217 or via email on